Chainalysis for NFTs

Ensure safe access for NFTs with purpose-built solutions that grow and scale with you

  • Protect against exposure to bad actors with real-time intelligence for NFT transfers linked to sanctions, Child Sexual Abuse Materials, terrorist financing, scams, and more.
  • Establish a well-balanced risk management approach to meet potential future regulatory obligations without compromising user experience or stifling innovation.
  • A solutions partner who provides end-to-end visibility for risks while growing and scaling with you as you continue to develop and bring new solutions to the market.

The booming NFT market is ripe for fascinating new use cases and revenue streams. As demand grows, so does the importance of staying ahead of risks affiliated with NFTs and their transfers. Whether you’re an NFT issuer, collector or trader, a marketplace, or focused on custody, Chainalysis provides intelligence and risk management tools to help better position you for their long-term utility.


  • NFTs have become an asset class prone to abuse due to a lack of clarity for potential regulatory policies and obligations.
  • Safeguarding your reputation and your customers assets with visibility for information to prevent facilitating business with illicit actors.
  • Finding and implementing a scalable solution that does not disrupt the values of your customers and their user experience.


Visibility into potential risks

Automated screening of addresses or wallets for real-time alerts to prevent interaction with potentially illicit actors

Fund tracing tools

Crypto forensics tools for investigating and tracing the movement of funds where enhanced due diligence is needed

Optimized alert functionality

Ability to customize alerts and tailor them to optimize your internal specific compliance and risk policies

Dedicated resources

Access to a full spectrum of industry experts and incident response services for remediation of attacks such as a hack, and our 24/7 ongoing support team.

Chainalysis KYT

KYT combines industry-leading blockchain intelligence, an easy-to-use interface, and a real-time API.

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Chainalysis Reactor

Reactor is the investigation software that connects cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities.

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