Protect consumers, establish safe markets, and maintain financial stability

Policymakers, regulators, and supervisors are well-equipped to monitor service providers and digital asset usage globally and locally with a combination of comprehensive on-chain data and strategic advice.

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Understand the digital asset landscape

Gain insights into market trends at the global and national level to identify policy priorities and regulatory solutions.

Monitor financial stability

Ensure safe markets and mitigate risks by quantifying factors such as the interconnection of digital asset firms and the scale of digital asset payments.

Protect consumers

Identify unlicensed entities, risky services, or illicit activity that exposes consumers to unsafe financial services, including breaches of AML/CFT requirements.

Supervise and enforce regulation

Detect illicit and non-compliant activity, enforce local rules, and conduct regular assessments to ensure entities are meeting their compliance obligations.

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Gain visibility into global and local digital asset usage


Monitor asset flows and holdings

Understand digital asset usage that may generate policy risks, such as the scale of digital asset flows between jurisdictions and specific entities, and the composition of digital asset ownership, such as the concentration of holdings among wealthy users.


Identify and detect illicit activity

Identify behavioral patterns commonly used by illicit actors, get alerts on the exposure of regulated entities to risky entities, and take action on breaches to AML/CFT.


Interpret blockchain data with ease

Paint a real-world picture of how value moves between entities, labeled against 35 categories such as DeFi and NFT platforms, centralized exchanges, sanctioned entities, stolen funds, and many more.


Investigate higher risk entities and assets

Dive deeper into the activity of specific entities after being alerted by transaction monitoring capabilities to supervise compliance activities.

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Education, training, and support

Leverage tailored market and risk analysis
Employ a data driven approach to your specific focus areas such as developing AML/CFT national risk assessments, understanding the growth and nature of the DeFi economy in your country, or to observe systemic risks relating to contagion between cryptocurrency businesses or trends in stablecoin activity.

Receive end-to-end digital asset regulatory and policy training
Practically focused, step by step support to help you address specific needs, from designing national risk assessments to supervisory frameworks.

Build proficiency with the Chainalysis Academy
Learn the basics in blockchain fundamentals and stay current on digital asset trends and regulations through ongoing courses led by industry experts.

Get certified in your language
Become a certified practitioner with crypto fundamentals to specialist training programs to understand the risk and regulatory landscape with support for French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish.

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