Crypto Compliance Solution

Managing risk in the crypto space

Align your business to keep pace with crypto’s drive towards a secure, efficient, and compliant ecosystem. Adapt to evolving crypto risk, bolstering your platform’s resilience against emerging illicit activity.

$4 trillion+

transactions screened over the past 12 months

250 million+

transfers screened


real-world services identified and attributed to 1B+ addresses

23,372 hours

of blockchain trainings and certifications

2023 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report

Learn more about crypto usage worldwide and how the regulatory landscape is impacting crypto adoption.

Centralized Exchanges

Efficiently conduct advanced due diligence on all transactions and entities to safeguard your platform against illicit activities and maintain the integrity of your operations. Key areas include:

  • Tailoring your data to align with your organization’s risk policies
  • Detecting crypto threats and illicit entity exposure
  • Monitoring transactions and entity exposures for fraud prevention
  • Leveraging data analytics to mitigate money laundering and financial crimes

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Financial Institutions

Focus on proactive measures to identify and counteract crypto-related fraud, safeguarding against financial misconduct and adherence to regulatory standards. Key areas include:

  • Customizing data to meet risk management policies
  • Identifying crypto threats and vulnerabilities
  • Implementing real-time crypto transaction and entity monitoring
  • Strengthening defenses against cyber threats, including ransomware

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Crypto Businesses

Stay ahead of the curve by adapting your platform to counter emerging hacking techniques and illicit activities in crypto. Key areas include:

  • Implementing a user-friendly risk management solution to optimize resource allocation
  • Continuously updating security protocols to combat crypto risk
  • Conducting thorough screenings of new entities and users to mitigate potential risks.
  • Utilizing advanced analytics to identify and prevent financial crimes

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Foster trust with crypto risk solutions


Access the industry’s leading mapping of on-chain activities to real-world identities, trusted globally for its unrivaled accuracy and comprehensive coverage.

This robust data foundation supports governments in uncovering and understanding crypto-related activity with confidence.

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Enhance crypto investigative skills with specialized training, led by former government officials with decades of cumulative experience in law enforcement, intelligence, and prosecution.

Our programs, available globally in multiple languages are practical and tailored to the unique needs faced by government agencies.

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Access the industry’s most in-depth analyses and insights into crypto adoption, crypto crime, market trends, and industry developments, developed by leading subject matter experts.

Our research helps businesses to make informed decisions by providing evidence-based information that helps with strategy formulation and product development.

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Engage with industry experts who can advise on business strategy and compliance program development. Minimize losses and expedite funds recovery with rapid response services designed to quickly address and reduce the impact of network intrusions.

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With the knowledge and capabilities provided by Chainalysis, we can adjust and calibrate our operational controls, settings, and monitoring. This is key to delivering the secure, streamlined experience that our clients trust us to provide."

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Director of Operations, Mercado Bitcoin

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