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Gain mission-critical intelligence to navigate crypto crime, ensure compliance, and advance your investigations. Enrich your operations with trusted, data-driven insights for swift, decisive action against crypto-related threats.

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The Chainalysis 2024 Crypto Crime Report

Read our original research and analysis on the latest trends in cryptocurrency crime.

Law Enforcement

Effectively combat and prevent crypto crime with advanced analytics and intelligence. Focus areas include:

  • Financial fraud detection
  • Terrorism financing
  • Identifying local and international fraud schemes
  • Disrupting organized criminal networks such as CSAM and drug trafficking
  • Preventing cyber extortion such as ransomware

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Ensure market integrity and effective regulatory compliance with precise, real-time monitoring and enforcement. Focus areas include:

  • Monitoring illicit crypto activities
  • Enforcing AML compliance
  • Overseeing crypto transactions

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Tax Agencies

Ensure accurate crypto tax reporting and optimize revenue recovery with detailed transaction analysis. Focus areas include:

  • Tracking crypto and digital asset holdings for tax compliance
  • Tracing accurate crypto transactions for tax reporting
  • Detecting tax evasion schemes involving crypto
  • Recovering tax revenues from undisclosed crypto assets

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Private Sector

Strengthen risk management and ensure compliance through comprehensive due diligence and proactive fraud monitoring. Focus areas include:

  • Conducting thorough background checks for crypto transactions
  • Monitoring for signs of illicit activity to prevent fraud
  • Safeguarding customer assets from crypto-related threats
  • Ensuring adherence to evolving digital asset regulatory requirements

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Advance your investigations with blockchain intelligence and expertise


Access the industry’s most complete mapping of on-chain activities to real-world identities, trusted globally for its unrivaled accuracy and comprehensive coverage.

This robust data foundation supports governments and the private sector in uncovering and understanding crypto-related activity with confidence.

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Enhance crypto investigative skills with specialized training, led by experienced professionals with decades of cumulative experience in law enforcement, intelligence, prosecution and compliance.

Our programs, available globally in multiple languages, are practical and can be tailored to the unique needs faced by government agencies.

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Access the industry’s most in-depth analyses and insights into crypto adoption, crypto crime, market trends, and industry developments, developed by leading subject matter experts.

Our research helps businesses to make informed decisions by providing evidence-based information that helps with strategy formulation and product development.

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Investigation Services

Advance investigative efforts with tailored expert support, combining deep technical knowledge with extensive field experience.

Our multidisciplinary specialist team accelerates the resolution of complex inquiries, improving operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

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We've collaborated with Chainalysis directly on a couple of recent investigations. One that comes to mind, is a pig butchering case, an investment scam, where the loss exceeded $1,000,000. We were able to engage directly with the Chainalysis Investigations team, and not only were they able to trace through, but we were also able to follow what they traced one more hop to a real-world known entity, which we served legal process on."

Michael Grabowski

Detective, Statewide Organized Crime Investigative Task Force, Connecticut State Police

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