Platform Infrastructure

Enterprise ready infrastructure for blockchain analysis solutions

Our platform infrastructure is the foundation of our solutions and services, offering a scalable, secure environment that powers your blockchain intelligence needs with seamless integration, robust security, and unlimited scalability to future-proof your investment.


Efficiently unlocking the ability to handle growing workloads and business requirements

Designed for scalability, our platform infrastructure seamlessly adapts to increasing workloads, customer needs, and changing business landscapes. With performance optimization, load balancing, fault tolerance, and advanced data management, it ensures superior performance, preparing your business for the future.

Fault Tolerance

Ensure uninterrupted service and stability by effectively managing hardware failures, software errors, and unforeseen issues.

Load Balancing

Optimize system performance and reliability by efficiently distributing network traffic or workloads across multiple servers or resources.

Data Management

Govern data throughout its lifecycle to ensure accuracy, compliance, and effective utilization while safeguarding it against threats.

Performance Optimization

Deliver responsive, efficient, and reliable services to meet user expectations.


Protecting the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your workflows

Security is paramount to our platform infrastructure, rigorously protecting sensitive information and guarding against cyber threats. By adhering to stringent standards such as Soc2 Type2, and FedRAMP, and implementing robust authentication, network security, and incident response mechanisms, we ensure the integrity and dependability of our entire system, helping play a vital role in safeguarding our customers’ workflows.

Network Security

Protect platform and users from external threats and network vulnerabilities via firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Vulnerability Management

Regularly assess and update systems to address vulnerabilities and conduct frequent security audits.


Record events and activities to detect suspicious activity.

Incident Response

Swiftly identify and mitigate incidents related to our platform infrastructure in order to enhance organizational resilience, reduce downtime, and safeguard both data and user trust.


Robust security policies, including Soc2 Type 2.

Data Encryption

Transform sensitive data into unreadable code for safeguarding purposes.


Providing an agile and responsive foundation for your blockchain technology needs

Extensibility ensures seamless adaptation to changing technology, user requirements, and new features. Configurability, integrations, deployments, and APIs, enhance this adaptability and, together, maintain ongoing relevance and usability for the long term, ensuring our system and yours can evolve as technology evolves.


Creates user self-sufficiency to make in-house changes.


Enables seamless communication, data exchange, and interoperability between software components.


Efficiently roll out updates, enhancements, and bug fixes.


Allows for seamless connections with complementary tools and systems.

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