Tax agencies

Administer, implement, and enforce tax policies for digital assets

Advance crypto casework with greater speed and efficiency.

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Prepare your tax agency

Educate teams on digital asset transactions and how to identify compliance gaps, assist in case prioritization, and improve case processing efficiency.

Augment capacity

Leverage powerful blockchain data and analysis to enhance productivity and results.

Fulfill agency mandate

Support adherence to crypto tax regulations with critical blockchain data and solutions.

Measure DeFi earnings

Detect missing wallets, identify services and exchanges used, detect tax compliance risks, and measure on-chain earnings from staking, DeFi trading, and fees.


De Grandpré Chait navigates crypto tax challenges for clients

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DGC offices

Identify digital asset holdings and fast-track crypto tax casework


Blockchain analysis

Rapidly uncover crucial information and give priority to digital asset tax cases.


Activity tracking

Uncover crypto assets and associated movements to pinpoint holdings and taxable crypto income.


Crypto asset discovery

Find undisclosed assets on exchanges and wallets to uncover potential taxable income.


Resource optimization

Automate data analysis and conserve valuable resources for meaningful tax cases.

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IRS Update: U.S. Proposed Tax Regulations Outline Information Reporting Obligations for Crypto Exchanges and Others

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Crypto education, training, and support

Build expertise
Elevate your understanding of blockchain fundamentals and ecosystem transactions while exploring how data analysis can assist tax agencies in achieving their objectives.

Boost capacity
Enhance your tax agency’s ability to handle cases and bolster expertise by enlisting specialized program experts to aid with intricate cases.

Strategic advising
Gain insights into the cryptocurrency taxation and digital asset auditing strategies used by other nations to help inform policies and workflows.

Develop forensic detection skills
Become a Chainalysis certified practitioner with cryptocurrency training programs and custom content designed for tax agencies.

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The quality and the reliability of the information are crucial factors for us, since we don't want to forget anything to declare for our clients, and also because our files may also end up in court at one point.

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