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[CHAINALYSIS PODCAST EPISODE 25] Christie’s 3.0: From Fine Art To Fully On-Chain NFT Sales

Episode 25 of Public Key, the Chainalysis podcast, is here! In this episode, we talk with Nicole Sales Giles (Business Director, Digital Art Sales, Christie’s) about the $69 million Beeple NFT sale that catapulted the NFT industry into the limelight. 

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Public Key Episode 25 Preview: $69 Million Beeple NFT Sale / Immersive and Virtual Art / Onboarding Traditional Art Collectors into Web3

After changing the NFT industry for good with the $69 million Beeple NFT sale, Christie’s is once again revolutionizing the industry with Christie’s 3.0.

In this episode, Ian Andrews (CMO at Chainalysis) sits down with Nicole Sales Giles, Business Director, Digital Art Sales at Christie’s, to hear all about the new Christie’s 3.0 platform recently launched in partnership with Spatial, Manifold, and Chainalysis, which features the works of 18 year old digital art phenom, Diana Sinclair. 

Nicole talks about the Beeple sale that started it all and also the transcendence of contemporary and digital art.  She explains how Christie’s is onboarding traditional art and luxury goods collectors into web3 and the emergence of physical and virtual immersive experiences. 

Quote of the episode

Prior to NFTs, digital art definitely existed as a medium for contemporary artists. When NFT technology became a thing, it really enabled digital artists to ascribe value and scarcity to their digital artworks in a more obvious way. And so that’s really, I think, what spurred the popularity in digital art as a collector category.” – Nicole Sales Giles (Business Director, Digital Art Sales, Christie’s)

Minute-by-minute episode breakdown

  • (3:10) – How a 250 year old auction house go from fine art to on-chain NFT sales 
  • (6:15) – Nicole’s first interaction with NFTs and how she quickly had to get up to speed with the new era of digital art sales
  • (10:15) – How to add curation and unique experiences like virtual NFT galleries via strategic partnerships 
  • (13:25) –Combining the digital and physical art experience together to give buyers an immersive experience
  • (16:35) Christie’s Ventures looks to leverage brand and expertise for art start-ups and to build the infrastructure for the future of art

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Speakers on today’s episode

  • Ian Andrews * Host * (Chief Marketing Officer, Chainalysis)
  • Nicole Sales Giles (Business Director, Digital Art Sales, Christie’s)

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