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Know what happens on blockchains.

What we do

Chainalysis is the blockchain analysis company. We provide compliance and investigation software to the world’s leading banks, businesses, and governments. Our experts in financial crime and blockchain analysis empower customers to derive insights they can act on.

Our mission

Cryptocurrencies have already opened up new markets and made the global economy bigger, fairer, and more deeply integrated. We’re only seeing the beginning of what this transformative technology has to offer.
But cryptocurrency needs greater trust and transparency to realize its full potential. That’s where Chainalysis comes in. We need to develop clearer regulations, establish standard audit practices, and implement powerful compliance controls for cryptocurrency to sustain its current growth and integrate into the global financial infrastructure. By helping make that vision a reality with our compliance and investigation tools, Chainalysis gives banks, businesses, and governments the confidence and knowledge they need to help this new digital economy thrive.


Meet the team building the future of Chainalysis.

Work at Chainalysis

We've come a long way, but there are endless possibilities. Take a look at our current openings to find out where you can get started.

Our company values

We pride ourselves on being equal parts curious, honest, and passionate. Every day, we’re focused on solving complex problems that make our world safer and lay a foundation for the cryptocurrency economy to flourish.
Strong Convictions Loosely Held

Have a clear point of view, but stay open to new information

Rigor, Not Rigor Mortis

Be thorough, but balance analysis with action

Give First

Add value without expecting anything in return

Radical Gradualist

Dream big, but have a deliberate plan to get there



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