Protecting the integrity of digital assets.

Over $10 billion worth of Bitcoin transactions checked by Chainalysis on behalf of our customers

Activity Monitoring Reports

Receive reports on the blockchain activity that your customers are doing to raise alerts and issues in quarterly review meetings. We break down blockchain activity by different categories so that you can assess the risk of doing business with each of your on-boarded customers.

Enhanced due diligence tools

Have an alert that gets triggered on one of your blockchain clients? Or want to investigate something before a quarterly review? Chainalysis has an enhanced due diligence tool that allows you to visualize the source and destination of funds.

Cyber Threat Intel

Train your analysts to be able to spot emerging threats from the deep web and investigate ransomware or extortion notes in-house.

Risk Score API

We provide a real-time API that can determine the activity associated to the source or destination of Bitcoin funds in real time. Customize what types of activity that you wish to avoid and take appropriate action.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Once alerts have been raised through our API or your traditional KYC or AML checks, you can use our web based investigation software to determine the source and destination of your customers bitcoins.

Improve your banking relations

Present data from an independent source to verify what your customers are doing with their bitcoins. Share limited data with the bank to get them more comfortable with your business practices.

Understand threat actors

Criminals are increasingly using digital currencies to fund their infrastructure. Using our web based investigation tools you can identify criminal activity and determine the likely attack vectors facing you or your clients.

Quantify cyber criminal revenues

Cyber criminals are using Bitcoin among other mechanisms to extort payments from their victims. Using Chainalysis, connections between victims can be established and the criminal’s revenues estimated.


Follow traces of Bitcoin to find the services that cyber criminals are using to convert Bitcoin into cash or other digital currencies.

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Reactor, Blockchain Analysis from Chainalysis


Reactor, Blockchain Analysis from Chainalysis

Start from anywhere — Have a specific customer that you are interested in? Or a ransom note with a Bitcoin address? Have some plain text that you don’t know if it contains Bitcoin references? Paste it in to the tool and it will automatically find connected Bitcoin wallets.

Interactive investigation tool — Annotate your findings and keep notes on what led you to those conclusions. Identify reappearing offenders and share data with other people in your organization.

Visualize — Annotated data is displayed with charts and a graphing space to spot connections, explore different hypotheses and gain quick insights.


API, Blockchain Analysis from Chainalysis

In-memory graph database — We cluster Bitcoin addresses together on the fly so that you can have the most customizable and accurate measures of risk.

Write your own rules — Data API contains the source and or the destination of funds allowing you to integrate seamlessly into your existing decision engine.

API, Blockchain Analysis from Chainalysis
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Executive Team

Michael Gronager, PhD CEO, Co-founder

Jan Moller CTO, Co-founder

Jonathan Levin CRO, Co-founder

We built Chainalysis to spot connections between digital identities.

Our products allow financial institutions to develop trust lines between them as well as identify malicious actors. Our mission is to create tools that respect user privacy and prevent abuse of our financial system.


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