Chainalysis Certification Programs

Learn how investigators, compliance officers, analysts, regulators, and more can become Certified in Cryptocurrency Fundamentals, Chainalysis Reactor, and Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction).

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification

The Chainalysis Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification (CCFC) credential is designed for those new to cryptocurrency. Whether you’re starting out on a career focused on crypto, or are coming across bitcoin as you run investigations, onboard new businesses or formulate cryptocurrency compliance policies, this is the place to begin.

Chainalysis Reactor Certification

The Chainalysis Reactor Certification (CRC) credential provides practitioners with the knowledge and skills to analyze and trace transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. This training using Reactor—the tool of choice for investigators, compliance officers, analysts, and regulators—is provided in a small classroom, in-person setting over two days.

Chainalysis KYT Certification

The Chainalysis KYT Certification (CKC) credential provides practitioners with the knowledge and skills to apply their own compliance philosophy and determine appropriate compliance workflows with Chainalysis Know Your Transaction (KYT).

Chainalysis Investigation Specialist Certification

The Chainalysis Investigation Specialist Certification (CISC) credential provides Reactor ‘power users’ who have achieved CRC with advanced investigative workflows and case studies on obfuscation approaches and technology. This two day course builds on techniques taught in CRC and active knowledge from 3+ months of daily Reactor usage.

Chainalysis Ethereum Investigations Certification

The Chainalysis Ethereum Investigations Certification (CEIC) is designed for current Reactor users who have achieved their Chainalysis Reactor Certification (CRC) and use Reactor to conduct investigations or perform enhanced due diligence.

Chainalysis Risk and Regulation Training

The Chainalysis Risk and Regulation Training (CRRT) course equips participants to identify how a risk-based approach can be applied to cryptocurrencies.

You can now purchase and register for a training course by credit card method or by using training credit codes pre-purchased by your organization. To register for a training course, please visit and follow these instructions.

Our Chainalysis Trainer did a great job of walking us through both the basics and fairly advanced blockchain analysis techniques, catering to the spectrum of students in the class ranging from new users to more experienced investigators."

Dave Berry

Criminal Investigator Santa Clara County District Attorney