Financial institutions

Generate new revenue opportunities with digital assets

Adopt crypto confidently while maintaining compliance.

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Build digital assets acumen

Equip teams with essential crypto knowledge, align firm’s strategies, and create effective crypto compliance programs.

Make informed decisions

Conduct due diligence on crypto companies and assess sources of wealth in order to onboard digital asset clients safely.

Provide crypto offerings and solutions

Create new products and services to meet customer demands and market needs.

Examine financial crime

Identify, track, and manage potential crypto-related financial crime to protect your customers and your business.

Customer Story

Morabanc Serves as Trusted Entry Point to World of Digital Assets

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Assess risk and monitor cryptocurrency transactions


Entity risking

Assess entity risk before onboarding or engaging with digital assets businesses.


Transaction monitoring

Screen client deposits and withdrawals for potentially suspicious, illegal, or sanctioned activity.


Customizable alerts

Receive alerts on entities, users, and funds transfers, with settings based on your firm’s risk appetite.


Advanced due diligence

Deep dive into alerts or potentially suspicious activity with visual analytics, graphing, and tracing capabilities.

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Crypto Myth Busting Report

Separate crypto facts from fiction. Seize the market opportunity.

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Education, training, and support

Develop foundational knowledge
Gain proficiency in blockchain fundamentals and stay current with market trends through training led by industry experts.

Customer success
Benefit from a dedicated team to help facilitate your firm’s crypto journey.

Strategic advising
Engage with industry experts as you develop your digital assets business strategy and create your compliance programs.

Rapid response services
Quickly address and reduce the impact of cyberattacks or network intrusions by accessing support as needed.

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In a record time, we went from not being able to talk to the clients to basically onboarding them in 48 hours. Amazing leap.


Carlos Salinas, Head of Digital Assets and Fintech, Morabanc

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