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Financial Institutions

We're setting the standard for blockchain transparency. We help you understand what your customers are doing on the blockchains, predict risk exposure, and make it easier to onboard new cryptocurrency businesses.

A shift in the way value is exchanged

Cryptocurrencies present an opportunity for institutions like yours to bring new services to billions of people globally. Start by understanding the full extent of your customers’ cryptocurrency activity.

Get the full picture with our industry view

Make more informed decisions when you see who's who on the blockchains

A smarter take on cybersecurity

Empower your security teams with intelligent tools to investigate account takeovers, fraud, ransomware, and other threats impacting you and your customers

Customer onboarding

With access to the most accurate dataset, conduct due diligence and ongoing monitoring of high-value cryptocurrency customers with peace of mind

Want to learn how Chainalysis helps the world's leading financial institutions?

Get in touch with our expert team for a personalized demo, tailored to your specific business needs.

Accuracy is key to growth

Reduce existing risk and open new markets with the most accurate picture of what is happening across blockchains. Our easy-to-use investigation and compliance tools, education, and support have been designed for institutions just like yours.

Next-level anti-money laundering and fraud detection

To beat the game, you need to understand the players. We help you get immersed and stay up to speed on top services with our dataset. From the biggest and most active darknet markets to the latest ransomware campaigns, we have you covered.

Learn from the best

Cryptocurrency training is best when it's step-by-step. Fully understand how cryptocurrencies impact different parts of your institution, courtesy of our team of trainers. From cryptocurrency fundamentals and compliance with the latest regulation, to in-depth cybersecurity or AML/CFT investigations, there's little left for you to figure out on your own.

See your customers' cryptocurrency activity clearly

Many of your customers already engage with cryptocurrencies. Our insights help you see the full extent of their actions, and make you better prepared to mitigate risk. It's the first step to engaging more confidently with cryptocurrencies.


This is Jackie

Jackie is our financial institutions customer success manager at Chainalysis. She uses her deep public sector expertise to help banks navigate this new landscape. They appreciate the way Jackie goes the extra mile to ensure they’re getting the best care possible.

New York

Washington, D.C.

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