Consumer brands

Start your brand’s seamless transition into web3

Transition your business into the next era of engagement with profitable web3 initiatives, user safety, and trusted insights.

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Fuel customer demand and next-level engagement

Redefine customer interactions and focus your web3 growth strategies to maximize ROI.

Increase brand loyalty using web3

Strengthen customer trust through transparency and deepen brand attachment with new reward options.

Protect your customers and reputation

Proactively uncover, investigate and help prosecute illicit vendors selling counterfeits of your product in exchange for crypto.

Build premier web3 products and services

Make informed decisions, proactively address potential churn, and quickly adapt new strategic web3 offerings to align with market trends and demands.


Innovation in Sound and Art: The Bang & Olufsen NFT Journey

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Shape your web3 strategy and optimize market engagement with blockchain analytics


Trust and safety management

Programmatically assess address risk before interaction for a secure and uncompromised user experience.


Anti-counterfeiting and trademark enforcement

Investigate addresses linked to counterfeit goods or enforce protection of trademark violations.


Community management

Know where to focus community-building and nurturing efforts for maximum impact with automated customer segmentation and simplified visual workflows that minimize resources and save user acquisition costs.


Transaction tracing

Trace the flow of NFTs with cross-chain visual analytics and graphing tools to pinpoint the source and destination of funds.

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Education, training, and support

Upskill your knowledge of web3 and metaverse
Conquer the web3 learning curve with a curated learning path of courses, certifications, and on-demand education.

Prepare for the unpredictable
Recover lost cryptocurrency funds in the event of an incident such as a cyber attack or unauthorized network intrusion with our rapid response retainer service.

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By incorporating regulatory tools, such as anti-money laundering and sales tax, we have built an inclusive solution where both veteran and new NFT collectors can feel secure in transacting with Christie’s 3.0.


Nicole Sales Giles, VP, Director, Digital Art Sales, Christie’s

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