Chainalysis for Compliance

Be confident when taking advantage of growth opportunities from digital assets

  • Meet regulatory requirements while staying ahead of financial crimes and avoiding sanctioned entities
  • Protect customers and your organization, increase consumer trust, and maintain brand reputation
  • Gain a holistic understanding of the crypto landscape and unlock new revenue opportunities

Regardless of how digital assets play a role at your organization, Chainalysis helps ensure you meet evolving local and global regulations. We provide solutions that seamlessly integrate into your compliance workflows to help you confidently manage risks while developing strategies, offerings, and partnerships grounded in crypto.


  • Quickly evolving crypto regulations and growing attack sophistication creates inability to run effective compliance programs and file related SARs
  • Lack of quality data, tools, workforce, and crypto education leads to difficulty implementing and scaling business with digital assets
  • Staying on top of trends and emerging organizations that are diving into crypto


Holistic coverage of crypto activity

Automated and continuous address, wallet, and transaction screening provide real-time alerts to prevent interactions with illicit actors

Actionable data

Access the industry’s most historic, accurate, and reliable blockchain dataset powered by our advanced analytics and clustering techniques

Generate high quality alerts

Optimize your compliance and risk management strategy with customizable transfer level and behavioral alerts

Take advantage of crypto innovation

Support for any cryptocurrency across any blockchain and emerging use cases such as DeFi, NFTs, web3 and more

Enhanced due diligence

Crypto forensics tools and visual analytics for investigating and tracing the movement of funds when evaluating suspicious activity

Full spectrum of resources

Access industry experts, an account-dedicated CSM, 24/7 ongoing support, and incident response services for remediation of attacks – such as a hack

Chainalysis KYT

KYT combines industry-leading blockchain intelligence, an easy-to-use interface, and a real-time API.

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