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Wirex Revolutionizes Crypto Banking Globally, Harnessing the Power of Chainalysis

The great thing about Chainalysis and Wirex’s partnership is that together we can shape the industry. And the reason why we use Chainalysis is very simple. Chainalysis is just the best.”


As Wirex expands to new geographies and markets, they knew they needed a scalable approach and solution to support their growing business and ensure compliance with regulations. However, they faced challenges in processing transactions quickly, avoiding false positives, and setting rules correctly based on regional regulations.

Our Risk Solutions

Wirex chose to invest in and deploy Chainalysis Compliance and Investigation solutions to power their program. Overall, the collaboration with Chainalysis enables Wirex to enhance their compliance efforts, streamline transaction processing, reduce false positives, engage and interact with others in the space via the Community feature, and stay informed about potential risks and threats in the crypto space. Ultimately, providing a secure and efficient experience for their 5 million customers worldwide.

With Chainalysis in place, Wirex is able to confidently focus on its mission to facilitate the mass adoption of digital currencies and bridge the gap between crypto and the traditional financial systems.