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IRS: Criminal Investigations protects the American people and fosters confidence in a fair and equal tax system by leveraging Chainalysis solutions and expertise.

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Exchanges allow users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency. They represent the most important and widely-used service category in the cryptocurrency industry, accounting for 90% of all funds sent by services. Chainalysis is uniquely positioned to help leading exchanges meet all of their compliance and investigation needs, as well as helping them to better understand customers, tailor product offerings, and identify new revenue streams.

Financial Services

Leading banks, payment processors, hedge funds and venture capital firms of all sizes globally are already tapping into opportunities presented by cryptocurrencies and are now building their product and technology strategies to include cryptocurrencies. To do so in a compliant manner, these organizations have turned to Chainalsysis to equip their teams with the tools and visibility to meet the needs of this rapidly changing market.

Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is vast and always growing, powered by key players ranging from currencies to mining to gaming to infrastructure and everything in between. Chainalysis equips these businesses with the solutions they need to instill trust and safety in the crypto space, all while giving their customers the best possible experience.

Law Enforcement

Criminals exploit cryptocurrency to finance and conceal illegal activities, moving money faster and easier than cash or traditional banking. The pseudonymous blockchain is a critical asset for law enforcement to identify and triage leads, close cases, seize assets & bring criminals to justice faster, and Chainalysis is a key solution to help these agencies achieve that stated mission.

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Chainalysis in Action

U.S. Authorities Disrupt Net Walker Ransomware

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Chainalysis in Action

OFAC Sanctions Russian Cryptocurrency OTC Suex that Received Over $160 million from Ransomware Attackers, Scammers, and Darknet Markets

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Financial Regulators

Cryptocurrency is evolving rapidly and adoption is accelerating. Chainalysis enables regulators to identify Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) and their jurisdictions, monitor compliance and investigate high-risk activities to ensure that cryptocurrency businesses are adhering to industry standard benchmarks.

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“Chainalysis equips my office with the tools we need to ensure our banks are conducting deposit-taking, custody and fiduciary activities with digital assets in a safe and sound manner.”

Albert Forkner, Wyoming Banking Commissioner

Asset Management &
Investment Professionals

There’s a wealth of opportunities in crypto, but finding reliable data and insights to make data-driven decisions for research and investments can be tricky. Chainalysis solves for this by providing a satellite view of the blockchain, and arming Asset Management teams with metrics calculated from the crypto activity of thousands of businesses.