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Connecticut State Police safeguards citizens from digital crimes

“We’ve collaborated with Chainalysis directly on a couple of recent investigations. One that comes to mind, is a pig butchering case, an investment scam, where the loss exceeded $1,000,000. We were able to engage directly with the Chainalysis Investigations team, and not only were they able to trace through, but we were also able to follow what they traced one more hop to a real-world known entity, which we served legal process on.”

-Michael Grabowski
Detective, Statewide Organized Crime Investigative Task Force, Connecticut State Police

Facing Cryptocurrency Crime Head-On in Connecticut
Connecticut’s law enforcement agencies have recently been grappling with an emerging challenge—cryptocurrency-related crime, locally referred to as larcenies. These digital offenses posed unique challenges, from tracking illicit transactions to connecting the dots in complex financial schemes. Traditional investigation methods have fallen short, necessitating a more effective solution.


Elevating Investigations with Chainalysis Investigations Solution

  • The Chainalysis investigations solution stands as the cornerstone of modernizing cryptocurrency investigations.
  • This invaluable solution provides real-world data critical to establishing probable cause in reports and affidavits. When it’s time to construct cases, execute search warrants, effect arrests, or seize assets, the data provided by the Chainalysis solution proves to be indispensable.
  • The relationship extends beyond software, granting access to expert insights, resources, and direct collaboration. Notably, in a million-dollar investment scam case, Chainalysis’ insights pinpointed real-world culprits.
  • With access to research, Chainalysis reports, the software solution itself, and the global intelligence and data team, the Connecticut State Police law enforcement team remains agile in adapting to evolving criminal organizations and technology.

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