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Zerocap Expands Globally, Backed by Chainalysis Expertise

  • Drive operational efficiency by enabling a frictionless KYC process
  • Monitor transactions in real-time to reduce and prevent illicit activity
  • Employ a comprehensive and auditable approach to compliance
  • Gain insight and knowledge in a developing industry

This is a new sector and a lot of expertise is still being built. Chainalysis is a gateway into that world and a big part of our business process today and going forward.”

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Founded in 2017, Zerocap is a market-leading private wealth management platform for digital assets. Zerocap brings a deep understanding of digital asset technology, trading, portfolio optimisation, custody and insurance, having processed over a billion dollars of digital assets for investors, institutions and family offices.


Zerocap adopts a robust compliance approach to the dynamic and ever-changing cryptocurrency environment. The complex nature of blockchain technology can create obstacles to enforcing compliance standards in this new paradigm, but also opportunities. Maintaining strong and effective compliance standards with comprehensive monitoring systems is imperative to Zerocap’s regulatory obligations and banking relationships. To support their expanding firm, it became imperative to utilise a trusted partner that offers these critical components.


Zerocap utilises the Chainalysis KYT and Chainalysis Reactor solutions to identify and mitigate risk, inspire confidence in its business partners, and meet their own compliance standards.

Chainalysis is, by far, the best transaction monitoring provider we’ve seen.”

What is your vision for Zerocap?

We want to enable zero-friction, borderless finance. Borderless is about enabling crypto adoption. Cryptocurrency was built on the premise of transacting with peers in a world without resistance.

The growth in the crypto industry has been remarkable, although we still face challenges with this nascent technology . Our vision is to minimise the complexities for our clients and enable them accessibility to all the fantastic opportunities in this space. The rapid growth of cryptocurrency has created hurdles that we now aim to solve. We want to streamline our clients journey as much as possible, not just in terms of their access to markets but also in understanding the world of crypto. 

What prompted Zerocap to initially look for a solution like Chainalysis?

The nature of our business means we need a partner that can assist with transaction monitoring and the investigation of high-risk transfers. Chainalysis is recognised by both governments and regulatory bodies, and has proven its reputation and their expertise in what their technology can facilitate

It has become a pivotal tool for us with deep database functionality that enables us to be accurate and thorough in our investigations. We only see Chainalysis playing a bigger role in our business, as a trustworthy leader in the sector.

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