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Dibbs advances to the forefront of the emerging NFT space

As the NFT industry evolves, so will its blockchain monitoring tools. And that’s why it’s really exciting to see this type of blockchain forensic technology applied to the NFT space.”


To remain atop the NFT space, Dibbs is hyperfocused on creating a safe platform by protecting its customers from potential exposure to illicit funds. However, existing blockchain intelligence tools aren’t purpose-built for Web3 transactions causing analysts and investigators to undertake manual workflows, ultimately slowing down their efficiency or even preventing them from tracing flows of smart contracts.


Dibbs chose to be an early adopter of Chainalysis Storyline—Chainalysis’ powerful solution for assessing and investigating the complex world of smart contracts, NFTs, chain hopping, and sophisticated protocols. Storyline provides the Dibbs team with the unique ability to identify the transaction type on the blockchain quickly—either a transfer or a sale—and, should the need arise, the team instantly knows what type of investigation they may have to conduct.

Furthermore, the alerting feature within Storyline allows the Dibbs analysts to prioritize, escalate, and mitigate alerts quickly and efficiently, creating efficiencies and scalability on tasks that previously had to be handled manually.

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