Customer Story

Bitso gains unparalleled visibility of risks with Chainalysis

One of the things that I’m very, very happy to say is that working with Chainalysis gives me confidence that we can roll out these new DeFi product offerings and service offerings in this new space.”


Providing its ever-growing customer base with an unrivaled crypto experience, from onboarding to adoption and usage, while staying compliant across the many regions and jurisdictions in which they operate.

  • Implementing Chainalysis solutions allows the Bitso compliance team to gain a holistic view of potential attack vectors and other risky activity in order to prevent illicit activity before it happens
  • Chainalysis solutions were easy to implement and provided value to Bitso from day one
  • Chainalysis KYT enables the Bitso team to spot and stop scam activity and simultaneously educate customers about scams and how to steer clear of them 
  • Chainalysis’ robust solutions have allowed Bitso to grow and scale, knowing that their compliance platform will grow and scale with them

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