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Empowering Pintu: elevating Indonesia’s leading crypto exchange

Having Chainalysis as Pintu’s partner is helpful for us to gain competitive advantage in terms of being a proactive crypto company in Indonesia, to comply with the regulators and combat bad actors from entering our platforms.”

– Dimas Utomo
General Counsel, Pintu

Staying Ahead in the Evolving Crypto Landscape
Pintu, Indonesia’s premier crypto exchange, faced the challenge of maintaining its competitive edge in the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies. As a pioneer in the country’s financial digital assets investment sector, Pintu aimed to not only comply with strict regulations and combat malicious activities but also to solidify its position as a trusted and secure platform.


Transformative Insights with Chainalysis
By partnering with Chainalysis, Pintu discovered an invaluable ally in navigating these challenges. Chainalysis provided Pintu with actionable insights that revolutionized how the exchange approached cryptocurrency transactions. With the ability to proactively identify and mitigate risks, including money laundering, fraud, and illicit activities, Pintu found itself equipped to maintain its reputation for security and reliability. The range of products and services offered by Chainalysis, including investigation software, compliance tools, and comprehensive training, enabled Pintu to establish a robust cryptocurrency compliance program. This was particularly vital in an industry subject to regulatory scrutiny and heightened risk.

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