Customer Story

Morabanc serves as trusted entry point to world of digital assets

Chainalysis is giving us the ability to do business that we weren’t able to do before.”


Morabanc seeks to embrace digital assets to meet customer demand while staying true to its roots as a traditional financial institution and providing compliant and seamless onboarding and off-ramping services.


Morabanc chose to invest in and deploy Chainalysis Investigation solutions to power its program, building on top of its existing infrastructure and deep regulatory expertise. The Chainalysis solutions allowed the Morabanc team to make sound decisions during their client vetting process by giving them the visibility they needed to comply with the bank’s risk and compliance policies and practices as they move into this new asset class. By collaborating with Chainalysis, the bank was able to confidently identify the provenance of client funds, enabling it to move forward in its crypto offerings and ensure a seamless, safe client onboarding within 48 hours. Continuously embracing new features and innovations, Morabanc stands at the forefront of the digital assets revolution, ready to offer innovative financial services to its clients, propelling them and their clients into the future of finance.