Customer Story

Bit2Me’s Global Success with Chainalysis Solutions

  • Automate a strong compliance process
  • Aid law enforcement in identifying and preventing illicit crypto activity
  • Confidently and efficiently expand business around the world

We are leaders in the Spanish cryptocurrency market with both retail and institutional customers. We want to replicate our secret sauce in Latin America and feel confident doing so with Chainalysis by our side.”

About Bit2Me

Founded in 2014, Bit2Me served 600,000 users and recorded a trading volume of $1.12 billion in 2021. In addition to being Spain’s first recognized crypto exchange, the company offers a futures trading platform and lending service, enables online shops to accept cryptocurrency payments, and is introducing a Mastercard debit card. As it expands its offerings and presence around the world, it is well served by a compliance-first approach.

Driving widespread adoption

Since its founding, Bit2Me has driven cryptocurrency adoption by providing education, products, and services for a range of users. More than five million people have taken advantage of free courses through its cryptocurrency academy – the largest in the Spanish-speaking world – to learn about blockchain, NFT, DeFi, and more.

Our plan is to dominate the Spanish-speaking crypto market, which is more than 600 million users worldwide. Now is the time to expand and show the rest of the world that crypto is here to stay,”

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Driving investigations and industry connections

As it investigates internal cases and works with law enforcement, the compliance team feels confident because our investigation capabilities have proven valuable on many fronts. When it comes to helping law enforcement with investigations, our graphs and reports are easy to understand. “Even police, who are not that familiar with the blockchain world, can understand this information and use it in their investigations,” explains Manuel.

Aggressively pursuing global growth

Backed by the power of our solutions and other tools, the compliance team is able to work smarter instead of harder. This has paved the way for Bit2Me to pursue global opportunities, which is quite impressive for a relatively small company.