Customer Story

Revolutionizing Ramp’s investigations and support

The investigative experience is just incredible. It makes it so easy for us to not only visualize the flow of funds, but also dig into it and see whether there were swaps of assets and it’s life-changing when it comes to the efficiency of investigations.”


The compliance team at Ramp faced significant challenges in their crypto investigations. They needed a robust and efficient tool to monitor transactions, disclose high-risk behaviors, and prevent potentially suspicious transactions. Additionally, they had to prioritize reviews of alerts and potential risk exposures to meet their regulatory obligations effectively. With the complexity of crypto transactions and the need to trace funds across different chains, traditional investigation methods were proving to be insufficient.


Chainalysis emerged as Ramp’s game-changing solution for crypto investigations. As their primary transaction monitoring solution, it swiftly disclosed high-risk behaviors and prevented suspicious transactions. The KYT alerts dashboard provided a meaningful overview, streamlining resource allocation and prioritizing reviews of potential risk exposures. With the Reactor tool, the team efficiently added and explored transactions, enhancing the investigative process. The cross-chain graphing feature revolutionized their experience, enabling easy visualization of fund flows and identification of asset swaps. This powerful collaboration with Chainalysis elevated their regulatory compliance and investigation efficiency to new heights, driving continuous growth and collaboration between the two companies.

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