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BTC Markets: Crypto Exchange Ensures Compliance with Chainalysis

  • Rounds out risk and compliance approach with automated and continuous monitoring
  • Reduces/prevents illicit activity with support for all assets across blockchain and ability to show percentage of dollars in accounts connected to nefarious activities
  • Provides foundation for strong partnerships due to network effect that connects market players
  • Enables responsiveness to new regulations via the most reliable, comprehensive data and customizable alerts

We’ve built our business on partnerships and Chainalysis KYT has been a cornerstone, providing the appropriate measures to protect our clients and position our exchange well for the future.”

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Since its founding in 2013, BTC Markets has grown into the largest, most liquid and trusted cryptocurrency exchange in Australia. Over 325,000 Australians have traded $21 billion on the platform via the company’s Australian-made cutting-edge technology. It is the preferred cryptocurrency exchange for traders seeking trusted cybersecurity, a locally-based, expert support team, and unrivalled liquidity and market depth across 26 markets.


As an exchange committed to compliance and security, BTC Markets knew from the start that it wanted a solution that supported its existing compliance measures and enabled essential transaction monitoring.


BTC Markets chose Chainalysis Know Your Transaction (KYT), Chainalysis Reactor, and Chainalysis’ network effect to shore up its industry expertise, build strong relationships with banks and regulators, and continue growing its business through partnerships.

Our business growth is predicated on partnerships and the Chainalysis solution has been key in helping us – particularly our internal risk and compliance team – bring on new partners and continue growing.”

What stands out about Chainalysis?

In addition to Chainalysis technology keeping pace with coins and the market, they’ve put boots on the ground in Australia. That has directly impacted us positively because Chainalysis spends time in government offices explaining what their technology does. That helps when we are then talking with government officials about the perception that it’s the Wild West and all kinds of criminal and fraudulent activities are going on across the industry. That is patently untrue. We can show these officials the degree to which we can track and trace the origins through Chainanalysis and the research that Chainanalysis has done. It helps us get across that cryptocurrency can be viewed as safer than fiat in terms of the monitoring that can be done. It’s unusual for a tech company, but the fact that Chainalysis has boots on the ground is incredibly valuable to us as we take that message out.

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