Customer Story empowers LATAM in the digital economy

  • Empower compliance team to prevent nearly 1,500 risky transactions
  • Comply with international recommendations and with local regulations by reducing scam-related transactions and cases
  • Prevent illicit activity by aiding law enforcement in crypto crime investigations
  • Bringing on new customers and partnerships with confidence

We were recognized as the only truly secure platform in Latin America and one of the five most secure crypto platforms in the world, in part due to our efforts and compliance procedures related to crypto transactions.”

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Cultivating a culture of compliance and education

Founded in 2015, operates a cryptocurrency exchange serving people in Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina. The driving force behind their mission is to let everyone take part in the digital economy and enjoy its benefits, considering nearly 70% of the Latin American population is unbanked or underbanked.

Aiding law enforcement

Hand in hand with protecting their users from scams, is contributing to the prevention of illicit activity by working closely with both law enforcement and regulators.

Chainalysis is an important ally in detecting new scams and keeping our users safe in a manageable way.”

Bringing on new customers and partnerships with confidence

Because Chainalysis gives them peace of mind to offer different cryptocurrencies and operate in any country, is able to sign on more customers and generate new partnerships, which consequently results in more revenue. This is largely due to the fact that our transaction monitoring allows them to guarantee the transparency and security of transactions on their platform. “By demonstrating our compliant control of crypto transactions, we build trust and confidence in the community and grow the volume of users and transactions we serve,” concludes Bustamante.

Partnering with a respected company

As a nascent currency in Latin America, crypto is the target of many scams. While used a third-party solution to monitor transactions, they lacked prescreening functionality. With a growing need to reduce scam-related cases, they turned to Chainalysis. “We knew of Chainalysis because of their prestigious reputation in the crypto community,” explains Bustamante.

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