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Boerse Stuttgart Group leads the way in regulated crypto engagement

The great thing about this broader perspective that Chainalysis gives us is that we are able to incorporate more and more data points into our decision-making process.”

–Dr. Sven Hildebrandt
Executive Director Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, Boerse Stuttgart Digital

Boerse Stuttgart Group, a legacy player in regulated financial markets in Germany, embarked on a journey into the world of crypto, a new frontier for the organization. Their goal was to offer a highly regulated platform in a space known for its volatility, attracting risk-averse partners like traditional banks. The initial challenge revolved around AML and compliance, starting with the need for precise datasets to inform decisions such as token listings and jurisdiction choices.

  • Chainalysis provided not only AML capabilities but also a broader perspective, allowing Boerse Stuttgart to make informed decisions based on a wealth of data.
  • The engagement with Chainalysis goes beyond a vendor relationship; it’s a constant process of engagement and collaboration.
  • The reliability and depth of data provided by Chainalysis are crucial for Boerse Stuttgart to meet its compliance needs.
  • The collaboration has been highly beneficial, and they expect it to continue the same way in the future, supporting their mission in the crypto space.

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