Customer Story

Young Platform scales rapidly with Chainalysis compliance solutions

  • Scales to support unlimited business growth
  • Empowers compliance team to focus on risky transactions and users
  • Delivers blockchain activity insight that aids with criminal investigations
  • Helping to secure the exchange’s platform from illicit activity

We are compliant not only because we have to be, but also because we want to be. Chainalysis is integral in enabling that environment.”

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The Problem

As more people become customers, Young Platform faces growing pressure to ensure increasingly robust digital security.

The Solution

After assessing blockchain monitoring and investigation solutions, Young Platform chose Chainalysis KYT and Chainalysis Reactor. Young Platform was impressed that it can access high-quality data via the intuitive, highly responsive Chainalysis interface.

Chainalysis is one of the most important pieces for helping us build a safe environment as we grow.”

Better Serving Customers and Partners

As one of the leaders of crypto world in Italy, Young Platform believes that education and compliance are foundational and consider both core responsibilities of its platform. The company sees this as an opportunity to provide a better experience for crypto customers, whether they are consumers, B2B, or B2B2C customers. “We are moving up the value chain as our partners build their solutions atop ours, allowing their businesses to grow along with ours. In all cases, we need those services to be really safe for both our partners and the ultimate customers we and they are serving. We communicate trust also by using Chainalysis” explains Degli Innocenti.

Confidently Scaling Beyond Italy

Young Platform is expanding through acquisitions and hiring. Having seen its model validated in Italy, the company is quickly moving to operate in additional countries. While MiCA should help by enabling a standardized approach in Europe, Chainalysis