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Fueling your business growth in web3

The web3 market offers significant opportunities for forward-thinking crypto businesses and consumer brands to become strategic leaders in this expanding ecosystem. Capitalize on this growth by building meaningful user relationships and strengthening your competitive edge, positioning your business at the forefront of an evolving industry.

420 million+

individuals holding crypto


customers in our global network, collaborating daily

$25 billion

projected global web3 market by 2030


DeFi attributions

2023 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report

Learn more about crypto usage worldwide to help build your web3 growth strategy.

Strategy teams

Get unparalleled user insights to uncover business opportunities and optimize data-driven initiatives that position you for long-term success in a volatile and competitive market.

  • Adopt a scalable approach for interpreting user data across the wider blockchain to gain a deeper understanding of the market
  • Identify untapped market potential and make informed decisions for market entry and expansion
  • Continuously monitor the flow of assets to understand the market share of your competitors and know how to adjust approaches to gain an edge

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Marketing teams

Gain a granular understanding of users through cohorts of common attributes based on their on-chain activity across the blockchain to build and nurture impactful relationships and maximize user lifetime value.

  • Identify users with large wallet holdings who have a higher potential to convert and spend more on your platform
  • Quickly identify patterns and answer key questions about engagement and drop-off points
  • Activate data-informed campaigns or engagement activities that are tailored to users’ individual needs and then measure their impact

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Product teams

Build winning products and solutions that meet the evolving needs of your users and prospects.

  • Monitor and identify opportunities for new products and user-centric features to prioritize on your roadmap
  • Align R&D resources and investments with high-growth opportunities
  • Find ideal users to help test and iterate on product concepts to validate product-market fit

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Confidently pursue growth activities


Access the industry’s leading mapping of on-chain activities to real-world identities, trusted globally for its unrivaled accuracy and comprehensive coverage.

This robust data foundation supports teams in uncovering opportunities for growth and making business decisions with confidence.

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Chainalysis offers comprehensive training and certification programs, covering everything from cryptocurrency fundamentals to advanced blockchain analysis techniques.

Our programs, available globally, are practical and tailored to the unique needs faced by business growth teams.

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Our research reports are an indispensable resource for industry professionals and growth teams, providing in-depth analysis and insights for navigating the dynamic and rapidly evolving ecosystem.

Underpinned by comprehensive data and expert knowledge, these reports provide teams with foresight on user activity and market trends to drive growth.

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