Chainalysis for Crypto Investigations

Leverage Chainalysis to detect and investigate crypto crime

  • Solve more cases related to cryptocurrency, disrupting criminal operations, reducing illicit activity and recovering funds for victims.
  • Accelerate your investigations with field-proven advanced analysis features and programmatic access to data.
  • Increase efficacy by collaborating with other industry experts and continuously deepening your investigators’ proficiency.

Criminals continue to find ways to finance and conceal illicit activity on the blockchain, even though the share of cryptocurrency volume related to illicit activity is lower than ever. Chainalysis Investigations Solutions are trusted globally by government agencies and private institutions to trace and understand blockchain activity. It powers investigators and analysts with real-time cryptocurrency intelligence, allowing them to map addresses to named services, detect illicit activity as it happens, and build cases.


  • Illicit blockchain activity like ransomware and cryptocurrency scams are becoming more common, and bad actors are using innovative techniques to obfuscate their trail.
  • Investigations often involve tracing funds as they are transferred across multiple tokens or chains.
  • Reporting investigation findings with fully auditable data that stands up in court.


Most robust and accurate dataset that stands up in court

Chainalysis entity identifications go through a rigorous confirmation process and have been used by law enforcement to investigate and prosecute notable cases. Chainalysis offers an API to access this data and generate new leads at scale.

Collaboration with industry experts

Chainalysis Reactor makes it easier to collaborate and share intelligence within your organization and with other Chainalysis users across public and private sectors.

Intuitive transaction tracing

Chainalysis Reactor is the industry standard for investigating cryptocurrency transactions. Easily trace transactions with advanced analytical capabilities, such as automatic peel chain detection and cross-chain graphing.

Comprehensive expert training and support

Transform investigators into cryptocurrency experts through training and certification programs with support for every level of competency. Have 24/7 access to a full spectrum of industry experts for rapid response. The Chainalysis Investigations and Special Programs Team and Support Team provide ongoing assistance with cases, investigations and prosecutorial support.

Chainalysis Reactor

Reactor is the investigation software that connects cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities.

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