Chainalysis for DeFi

DeFi presents endless opportunities for your organization - leverage Chainalysis to safely take advantage of them.

  • Protect against interaction with bad actors linked to sanctions, financial crime, Child Sexual Abuse Material, terrorist financing, scams, and other illicit activities.
  • Increase consumer confidence and uphold your brand’s reputation while continuing to develop and bring innovative solutions for digital assets to the market.
  • Establish a positive perception with regulators by proactively implementing/applying best practices and controlling for risk in an emerging technology.

The rise of DeFi has led to an array of applications and financial products from lending platforms, loan services, saving options, to applications for arts and collectibles, gaming, and technology. As a Web3 or dApp developer, DAO, DEX, or someone else participating in DeFi, Chainalysis provides intelligence and risk management tools to help you safely engage with these models or create new ones.


  • Organizations and individuals participating in DeFi often lack visibility to information needed to prevent transfers or the commingling of funds with potentially risky addresses or entities
  • Staying ahead of potential future regulatory policies and obligations to safeguard you, your customers, and their assets
  • Finding and implementing a solution that does not overly compromise the values and experience of many early adopters of services


Actionable intelligence

Automated address or wallet screening against any crypto-asset with real-time alerts provides actionable intelligence to prevent interaction with illicit actors

Enhanced due diligence

Crypto forensics tools for investigating and tracing the movement of funds where enhanced due diligence is needed

Most complete dataset

Querying the most complete historical blockchain dataset going back to 2013 – best in class to operationalize risk management

Dedicated resources

Access to a full spectrum of industry experts and incident response services for remediation of attacks such as a hack, and our 24/7 ongoing support team

Chainalysis Address Screening

Prevent high-risk users from connecting to your platform.

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