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Analyze crypto activity and grasp the big picture

Deepen your investigation with targeted tracing and analysis of all types of cryptocurrency activities. Visualize the interactions and relationships within transacting parties to form a comprehensive picture of your case, from the detail of a single transaction to the broader scope of all entities involved.

Transaction tracing

Investigate and analyze specific transactions

Focus on distinct transactions and addresses to trace distinct payments or identify the exact flow of funds in a suspicious transaction. Examine individual transactions linked to particular addresses, building a detailed activity timeline that offers insights into its transaction history, intent, and associated connections.

Entity tracing

Expose and analyze complex networks

Identify and visualize the collective activities of multiple addresses under a single entity’s control, like a suspect’s wallet or darknet market. Automated pathfinding reveals transaction patterns and links across entities, offering a comprehensive understanding of all the interactions involved to expose broader criminal networks or complex financial structures.

Case workspace

Streamlined case organization

Enhance team collaboration and case organization within a unified workspace. Share investigative data, visuals, and critical findings with ease. Tag your artifacts, annotate, and compare notes for improved organizational efficiency and decision-making in your cases.


Explore advanced and government-specific capabilities

Our comprehensive range of blockchain analysis capabilities includes specialized features designed for government agencies and advanced use cases. For more information, please contact our team.

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