Pursue image

Pursue criminal networks and safeguard communities

Leverage your data-driven findings to take effective action. Use the intelligence gained to disrupt criminal networks and enforce regulations, transforming complex blockchain data into clear, understandable narratives. This supports a variety of needs, from legal proceedings to strategic decision-making.

Real-time alerting

Stay ahead with immediate updates

Keep a pulse on your watched targets with real-time alerts. Receive instant email notifications about any new transactions, ensuring informed and timely responses to activities as they happen.

Service provider inquiry

Streamline communication with Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs)

Accelerate your investigation by easily requesting vital information from crypto businesses. Quickly look up the built-in crypto address book to locate the right contacts to send legal information requests, greatly simplifying the process of gathering key intelligence while working on your case.

Data supplementals

Transform data into actionable reports

Tailor blockchain data to your reporting needs. Export data and visualizations, including color-coded graphs with annotations to create clear and impactful narratives suitable for a range of purposes, whether for record-keeping, supporting legal documentation, or strategic decision-making.

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