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Chainalysis Reactor

Explore. Investigate. Take Action. Reactor is the investigation software that connects cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities, enabling you to combat criminal activity on the blockchain.

Generate intelligence in real time

Reactor enables you to uncover new leads as investigations unfold. Start with any cryptocurrency identifier, trace monetary flows across multiple blockchains, and corroborate findings with open source intelligence from clear and dark web sites.

Build a clear case

Reactor’s intuitive interface allows users with minimal training to create powerful visualizations of cryptocurrency flows. Investigators can share their graphs or export raw data for a complete record of their findings.

Fight crime, not software

Reactor can be accessed in a web browser or deployed on-premise in your secure environment. We make it easy for your on-site administrators to manage user permissions across any sized organization.

Chainalysis Reactor

Experts around the world rely on Chainalysis Reactor to conduct investigations and assess business risk.

Learn how we’re building trust in blockchains for government agencies, financial institutions, and cryptocurrency businesses by linking real-world entities to cryptocurrency activity

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