Audit for on-going platform risk and compliance

Stay ahead of potential risks with timely insights, manage regulatory compliance, and develop operational safety through continuous monitoring. Receive critical alerts and analytics at both the transaction and entity level.

Continuous monitoring

Continuously monitor for on-chain risk

Monitor transactions and entities exposure over time to manage on-going platform risk and compliance requirements. Quickly gauge your platform’s risk, minimizing compliance team workload.

Audit and tasking

Organize workflows, collaborate with teams

Stay informed and up to date with the most relevant alerts, ensuring that they are assigned efficiently to the appropriate team members for swift action. Expedite the investigation and resolution of an alert, while fostering effective collaboration within your team.

Compliance reporting

Simplify internal reporting

Leverage our exportable data reports to stay informed, meet compliance requirements, manage stakeholders, and optimize your platform. Leveraging this data is crucial for effectively presenting cases to leadership and stakeholders.

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