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Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction)

Let your compliance teams focus on what's important. Reduce false positives, and allocate resources the smart way with our automated, real-time cryptocurrency transaction monitoring.

Scale your monitoring

Our intuitive interface and API give you everything you need to know. Screen large volumes of cryptocurrency transfers for exposure to AML or fraud risk easily.

Get actionable alerts

Data you can act on. Flag, dismiss or set a specific alert aside for review so you can prioritize the activity that matters most.

Keep track of your cases

Open or close case reviews according to the user, and keep a record of your decisions along with the data to back it up.

Get real-time updates

Monitor activity with the confidence of knowing you have the very latest data at hand. Say goodbye to hours-long lag and manual updates with our automated uploads.

Simplify your compliance reporting

Export only the data you need — by user, transfers, period, alerts, or asset type — and simplify your reporting to regulators or financial institutions.

Conduct enhanced due diligence

Get straight to the source or destination of funds that come from illegal counterparties, such as darknet markets, sanctioned entities, terrorist financing, or child abuse material.

Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction)

Over 100 cryptocurrency businesses are making blockchains more transparent with our transaction monitoring software.

Learn how we’re building trust in blockchains and demonstrating anti-money laundering compliance to regulators and financial institutions.

Chainalysis' compliance technology excels at meeting anti-money laundering requirements while also ensuring future best practices. By adopting Chainalysis KYT, BITBOX will provide safe and secure trading experiences while demonstrating our commitment to compliance.
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