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Ten Years of Innovating with our Customers

Chainalysis celebrates its 10th birthday this spring, and we’re reflecting on how far we’ve come with our customers and how we’re continuing to evolve with the rapidly changing ecosystem. The market revival we are experiencing now doesn’t seem like just another cycle, but a sign of the maturation of the ecosystem. Continued innovation in blockchain technology along with its integration into traditional finance suggests that crypto is delivering on its promise to transform the exchange of value, much like the internet did for the exchange of information. We’re inspired by our customers who are building and shaping the future of the industry.  

Today, we’re introducing a new framework for Chainalysis solutions that reflects how we’re continuing to innovate with the industry and enhancing our customers’ experience. Our three holistic solutions – Crypto Investigations, Crypto Risk, and Web3 Growth – are designed to harness Chainalysis data to better meet our customers’ needs for specific workflows. 

As cryptocurrency grows and becomes more entwined with the world economy, it’s increasingly used by both good and bad actors. As such, we’re seeing it crop up in all forms of crime, not just “crypto crime” such as ransomware and darknet markets. Our government customers are uncovering the use of crypto as financial rails in investigations ranging from gang activity and violent crime to disinformation campaigns. 

With our investigations solution – including capabilities formerly known as Reactor and Storyline – our goal is to help our customers achieve their missions by harnessing the transparency of blockchains. Now, we’re focused on revolutionizing the graphing software that we first invented, modernizing the infopanel, and launching Chainalysis Labs, a sandbox for research and development that will introduce our power users to the latest experimental features. 

Our risk solution helps the most innovative private sector companies protect their platforms from abuse by illicit actors. Including capabilities previously known as Know Your Transaction (KYT) and Address Screening, Crypto Risk can be tailored to meet businesses’ risk strategies and policies. Soon, risk teams will be able to assess the risk of specific assets through the introduction of Asset Intelligence. Additionally, we’re expanding our entity risking capabilities with features like indirect exposure data, continuous risk monitoring for entities, and detailed entity report generation. 

On-chain data can also be leveraged for insights beyond illicit activity. As opportunities across the crypto ecosystem continue to expand, our Web3 Growth solution, previously known as Playbook, helps businesses better understand their customers’ activities across the blockchain. It seamlessly integrates our on-chain data with their on-platform insights so they can nurture their customer relationships, personalize campaigns, and build competitive products. 

It’s an undoubtedly exciting time in the industry and at Chainalysis, and we’re grateful to our customers for trusting and motivating us over the last decade. Thank you to the leaders and users across the public and private sectors who provide the feedback that is so crucial to how we innovate and evolve our solutions. We can’t wait to see many of you next week at our annual Chainalysis Links conference in New York, where we’ll share more detail about exciting new enhancements to our solutions. 

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