Web3 Growth Solution

Exceed business goals

Gain unparalleled insights into on-chain user activities with a comprehensive view of every user interaction across your platform and the wider blockchain.


Discover opportunities to drive your growth initiatives forward

Launch your growth initiatives by gaining easy access to users’ on-chain activity patterns, motivations, and trends. Strategize more effectively, optimize resource allocation, and build better user relationships by identifying ideal opportunities for engagement.

User wallet analysis

Actionable user insights for smarter business decisions

On-platform data is unified with users’ off-platform activity across the wider blockchain for more comprehensive user profiles, facilitating insight-driven actions across your business and informing go-to-market strategy.

Automated segmentation

Simplify cohort analysis

Get an always up-to-date perspective of user segments through cohorts based on real on-chain transaction patterns and wallet holdings without worrying about disparate, fragmented data sources.

Competitive intelligence

Differentiate, lead, and stay ahead

Understand the activity and attributes of users that engage with other competitor platforms and identify insights that can support new market or solution strategies.

VIP Recognition

Uncover overlooked users with large wallet holdings

Identify users with large wallet holdings who have the potential to significantly increase their spending on your platform.


Engage audiences through impactful data-driven strategies

Leverage on-chain user insights to bridge the gap between data and action, crafting impactful and tailored engagement strategies. By understanding users’ nuanced activities and preferences on the blockchain, you can launch informed, data-driven campaigns and initiatives that deeply resonate with your audience.

User acquisition

Pinpoint opportunities to attract and convert users

Key events, including moments of opportunity or unseen friction, are surfaced in visualizations, providing direction to shape campaigns and customized engagement initiatives that attract and convert at every user touchpoint.

Automation and external integration

Streamline growth processes by unifying on-chain intelligence with existing tools to ensure a seamless flow of insights

Seamlessly integrate on-chain insights across your growth stack by connecting with other external tools such as web2 CRM and marketing automation systems, streamlining workflows through automation.


Optimize for excellence with user insights-driven refinement

Leverage actionable data to refine engagement strategies, driving performance, ROI, and conversions. Iterate swiftly based on data-driven decisions to optimize user journeys, deepen engagement, and accelerate growth.

Campaign management

Visualize, manage, and act on campaign priorities

Go beyond opens and clicks to focus on conversions and revenue, comprehensively analyzing campaign performance to refine and grow through optimization.

Churn prevention

Hold onto the users you’ve worked so hard to gain

Visualize user spending across the wider blockchain to spot signals of potential churn like increased activity with counterparties. Know how to reduce revenue leakage by tailoring personalized interventions to retain loyalty, increase lifetime value, and sustain a profitable user base.

Segment monitoring

Monitor the evolution of core user groups

Dynamically track and evaluate the activity and performance of distinct user segments over time.

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