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Introducing Chainalysis Crypto Crime Intelligence Briefs

We’re excited to announce our new series of Crypto Crime Intelligence Briefs!

Chainalysis blockchain investigators are constantly identifying new groups and services transacting with cryptocurrency, both for legal and criminal purposes. Our goal for this series is to share with you our analysis of the most interesting blockchain entities and transactions that, while not under active investigation, should still be of interest to law enforcement, regulators, cybersecurity experts, and compliance professionals.

Below are links to download our first three Intelligence Briefs, which cover:

  • A bullet-proof hosting service that received Bitcoin from a cryptocurrency address connected to North Korea-led cryptocurrency exchange hacks
  • A Ponzi scheme with its own infrastructure of purpose-built shell companies to facilitate cryptocurrency payments to and from victims
  • An Iranian cryptocurrency exchange with connections to both international exchanges and OFAC sanctioned addresses implicated in the SamSam ransomware investigation

In addition to our analysis, we’re also making the Chainalysis Reactor graphs associated with each Intelligence Brief available for Chainalysis customers to download. If you don’t have Chainalysis Reactor, get in touch with our team to schedule a demo and see how it can address your investigation and compliance needs.

We look forward to releasing more Crypto Crime Intelligence Briefs in the weeks and months to come!