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IRS-CI Deploys Innovative Methods to Bring Criminals to Justice

Chainalysis has been a great partner for us for many, many years.”


IRS Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) faces a unique and daunting mission: to investigate and prosecute tax crimes as the only federal law enforcement agency with this mandate. Given the rapidly evolving landscape of cybercrimes and cryptocurrency, staying ahead of bad actors presents a significant challenge. With only 2000 agents, the small agency requires specialized skills and tools to effectively track and prosecute financial crimes involving fiat currency and cryptocurrency. This necessitates leveraging external expertise to enhance their capabilities in understanding and navigating the complex ecosystem of blockchain and digital transactions.


Chainalysis has been a critical partner for IRS-CI in overcoming these challenges. By providing advanced blockchain analytics and training, Chainalysis has enabled IRS-CI to elevate its investigative capabilities. The platform’s user-friendly tools and comprehensive data facilitate the understanding of transactional flows, risk scoring, and attribution, crucial for prosecuting criminals. The partnership has extended beyond technology, involving extensive training for IRS-CI agents and analysts, thus empowering the agency to lead in crypto financial fraud investigations. Collaborative efforts on innovative methods and pilot projects have further solidified this partnership, helping IRS-CI stay ahead of criminal exploits in the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

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