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[CHAINALYSIS PODCAST EPISODE 24] Everything You Wanted To Know About Decentralized Identity And Crypto Wallets

Episode 24 of Public Key, the Chainalysis podcast, is here! In this episode, we talk with Itai Turbahn, the Co-Founder and CEO of Dynamic Labs and discuss interoperable crypto wallets and decentralized identification. 

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Public Key Episode 24 preview: An end to wallet wars?

In this week’s episode, Co-founder & CEO of DynamicLabs Itai Turbahn joins our host, Ian Andrews (CMO) for a look at what a multi-chain, authentication-based wallet looks like in web3 and how we can go from “wallet wars” to interoperability. 

The conversation addresses the debate over how to balance privacy with information sharing, as Itai and Ian go deep into decentralized identity and how verifiable credentials could change the way we interact with our data in web3. 

Quote of the episode

“I think it comes down to a fundamental question of when you interact with someone, do you need to know everything about them or do you just need proof that they are who they say they are.” – Itai Turbahn (Co-Founder & CEO, Dynamic Labs)

Minute-by-minute episode breakdown

  • (2:18) – Itai’s origin story going from helping Israeli businesses get on the internet to becoming a sideline Bitcoin OG 
  • (6:08) – Describing the current “wallet wars” space and how it feels very similar to the 90’s internet browser wars
  • (11:45) – The need for crypto wallet interoperability and creating unique user experiences
  • (16:33) – Dynamic going beyond multi-chain authentication and security into web3 identity
  • (20:05) – Using Dynamic Wallets to turn on and off compliance requirements to adapt to various jurisdictions and regulations
  • (23:03) – The shift from crypto as a currency use case to decentralized identifier applications 
  • (30:30) – The Roadmap for Dynamic and the focus on the integrations needed to leverage Web3 identity

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Speakers on today’s episode

  • Ian Andrews * Host * (Chief Marketing Officer, Chainalysis)
  • Itai Turbahn (Co-Founder & CEO, Dynamic Labs)

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