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[CHAINALYSIS PODCAST EPISODE 22] Why Programmable and Transferable Wallets Could Be Crypto’s Missing Piece

Episode 22 of Public Key, the Chainalysis podcast, is here! In this episode, we talk with Omer Sadika, the Founder and CEO of dWallet Labs and Co-Founder of the Odsy Network.  Omer gives us a look at what a bridgeless and cyber security focused crypto ecosystem could look like.

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Public Key Episode 22: preview: Programmable and Transferable wallets, MPC and new DAO Governance and Why another L1 Blockchain in 2022 

In this week’s episode, Founder & CEO of dWallet Labs Omer Sadika joins our host, Ian Andrews (CMO) for a discussion of what a bridgeless cryptocurrency ecosystem would look like and how DAO governance could be revolutionized.

Omer also describes what role access control will play in the future of crypto wallets and how these wallets can be both transferable and programmable to create a security first platform. He helps us understand multi-party computation (MPC) and why lack of cybersecurity experience is leading to costly mistakes. 

Quote of the episode

“There’s a big gap in how wallets work today. The safety, the security, all those things seem very broken to me in the wallet landscape. And I see this happen every day in my Twitter timeline, there’s somebody who’s gotten phished or hacked or  authorized a contract they didn’t mean to, or forgot to de-authorize a contract they no longer wanted to have access to their funds. It just clearly doesn’t work as well as it needs to, to bring you know, the next hundred million people into crypto..” – Ian Andrews, Chief Marketing Officer at Chainalysis

Minute-by-minute episode breakdown

  • (2:15) – Starting in crypto from a cyber and API security background
  • (6:08) – Why create a Layer 1 blockchain in 2022 and explaining what is access control
  • (11:15) – Explanation of dwallet and its transferable and programmable features
  • (16:33) – The challenges of maintaining security when building on Solidity and the elimination of bridges
  • (21:30) – What is MPC and how it can be embedded into crypto wallets 
  • (25:03) – Changing the way DAOs operate and move further toward true decentralization 
  • (27:42) – Moving crypto wallets from centralized to decentralized environments 
  • (32:30) – Wen Token?


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Speakers on today’s episode

  • Ian Andrews * Host * (Chief Marketing Officer, Chainalysis)
  • Omer Sadika (Founder and CEO of dWallet Labs)

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