Customer Story

Bitstamp chooses Chainalysis to supercharge its compliance program

Chainalysis helps us accomplish our goals by providing the data to power our compliance and investigations programs. The quality of their underlying data is really remarkable and allows us to make better decisions.”


To remain the most secure, reliable, and trustworthy exchange in Europe, Bitstamp needed a powerful, automated compliance solution that allows them to grow and scale and keep up with changing regulations.


Bitstamp selected Chainalysis KYT to power its compliance program. The behavioral alerts feature enables the team to reduce false alerts and better customize their controls in order to meet their own compliance needs. Additionally, KYT has enabled the compliance program to become more efficient and accurate, freeing up resources.

Prior to selecting Reactor as its investigations solution, Bitstamp was doing the work manually, which was particularly challenging for investigating peel chains. With the new Peel Chain Detection feature in Reactor, the team can now automate much of that work with a single click.

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