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Executive Corner: Welcoming Emmanuel Marot as VP of Product

Amidst a rapidly changing crypto ecosystem, Chainalysis is excited to welcome Emmanuel Marot as VP of Product to drive innovative solutions that empower both our public and private sector customers to navigate the dynamic landscape ahead.  

Emmanuel Marot joins Chainalysis with a 30-year track record of innovation in technology product development spanning both Europe and the USA. Emmanuel comes from Google where he led Product Management within the Search organization, leading advancements in generative AI for travel and local search queries. Prior to Google, he was the CEO and co-founder of LendingRobot, a robot advisor in the peer lending space, where he pioneered the world’s first blockchain-notarized hedge fund. He has deep knowledge and experience in ML and AI as well as the financial services sector, and has a passion for delivering simple and elegant user experiences.  

We sat down with Emmanuel to learn more about him and his vision for the team’s future.

What most excites you about joining Chainalysis?

Chainalysis is the one company at the intersection of a major technological shift (blockchain), in a sector ripe for disruption (finance) with a truly useful purpose (helping to fight crime and promote more financial freedom with less risk). Oh, and I do look forward to working with the amazing people I’ve met at Chainalysis through the interview process!

What opportunity do you see for Chainalysis’ products?

First, I see an opportunity to support blockchain technologies at large; which cannot undergo mass adoption without crime prevention and transparency. Second, there is a great opportunity to provide crime-fighting tools that are both the most powerful and the easiest to use. I look forward to building on this with the innovative team at Chainalysis, and making such tools more accessible.

How would you define your leadership style?

I’ve been described several times as a ‘servant leader’. I believe that the main responsibility of a leader is to act as a coach, empowering people and helping them to reflect on their efforts, but knowing well that the real job is done by the people in the field.

Who is a leader you admire, and why?

Jacinda Ardern, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, for her swift but compassionate responses in times of crisis, her resilience and ability to let go of power in due time. She led New Zealand through one of the swiftest and most efficient COVID-19 responses, giving meaning instead of demanding compliance. She didn’t shy away from answering tough questions and remained transparent and consistent about the government’s framework. 

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

I’m an avid traveler, with over 60 countries visited on foot, bicycle, motorcycle, sailboat and more. I’m also a digital artist, and I mostly create whimsical, short looping animations, with often some play of words. I love writing down quotes and excerpts of stuff I’ve read – they’re probably a good indication of what I care about. You can check out some of my favorite quotes here: