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Announcing Our Series C

Bitcoin was launched eleven years ago to power the first truly global currency available to everyone around the world. Today, institutional demand is driving it to outperform every major asset class. Financial institutions are custodying cryptocurrencies to meet this demand. Governments are adjusting their regulatory frameworks to support responsible adoption. Newer use cases around savings accounts, lending, and more are emerging on Ethereum and leveraging stablecoins. Social and payments networks are developing their own offerings to open new markets and better serve their customers. And every major country in the world is exploring ways to leverage this technology to modernize their financial infrastructure.

Chainalysis was founded to solve critical problems inhibiting the growth of the cryptocurrency industry. Our regulatory platform protects the ecosystem from abuse and increasingly our data drives investment decisions.

We measure our success against the pace of the industry’s growth. Our ambition is to beat the market. To stay ahead of bad actors. To make bets on the most promising innovations in the ecosystem. To further enable global adoption.

That’s why we raised a Series C now: to continue to be one step ahead of the market.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve raised $100 million at over $1 billion valuation to expand our global regulatory platform for the surging cryptocurrency market. This Series C round was led by Addition, with participation from previous investors including Accel, Benchmark, and Ribbit.

What’s next?

Continued international expansion

Cryptocurrency has been borderless from the beginning, and we are committed to providing the highest levels of support to our customers across the world. APAC in particular is home to some of the most sophisticated cryptocurrency users, and we look forward to building out our presence in South Korea and Australia from our newly opened hubs in Singapore and Tokyo.  We will also continue to hire in Washington, DC, New York, London, and Copenhagen.

Invest in technology 

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most important technological innovations for the next generation of financial infrastructure. We will always continue to invest in improving our market-leading platform to provide trusted data and workflows around all use cases, including scaling underlying blockchain technology, building data sharing networks, and supporting emerging DeFi protocols. If you want to work to help scale this technology and work with some of the largest and most interesting datasets, check out our jobs board.

Make it easier for organizations to transact using cryptocurrencies

As more organizations enter the market, enterprise needs for trusted data and regulatory compliance are more sophisticated. Unlocking the global opportunity for businesses to run on these rails requires investment in new tools and advancing our existing offerings. Through partners and our offering, we are the operating system of choice for organizations transacting with cryptocurrencies

We built Chainalysis at the intersection of governments, technology and finance. Bringing these organizations together is every nation’s top priority to compete in the global economy in the next decade. We are excited to power the regulatory infrastructure and do our part to protect society and let people dream bigger than ever before.