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The New Chainalysis Partner Program: Accelerating Success in the Crypto Ecosystem

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Blockchain is powering a growing ecosystem and we’re refreshing the Chainalysis Partner Program to meet its demands. In the last five years, cryptocurrency’s global market cap has increased by 400%, surpassing $1 trillion.

It follows that crypto readiness is a top concern for organizations across the private and public sectors. Even before this year, our survey of 300 North American public-sector employees revealed that 74% of respondents felt their agency was not well-equipped to investigate crypto-related crime. In the private sector, banks like BNY Mellon and JP Morgan are investing in crypto and blockchain technology, and PayPal recently launched its own stablecoin.

Leveraging our products, Chainalysis partners are already working with public and private sector organizations to address these market needs — they’re helping government agencies conduct blockchain investigations and assisting companies in executing blockchain initiatives, too. That’s why we’re excited to officially announce the Chainalysis Partner Program, to help partners accelerate and protect the success of government, financial institutions, enterprises, and digital-native organizations globally. We’re seeking qualified partners eager to grow, innovate, and tackle big challenges for the crypto industry. Read on to learn more about this opportunity. 

Why join the Chainalysis Partner Program?

Chainalysis has built the world’s most trusted blockchain knowledge graph, making crypto transactions human-readable and intuitive. It has over $23 trillion worth of transactions identified, more than 1 billion addresses mapped to real-world entities, and is supported by a team that’s continuously updating the data.

Leveraging this knowledge graph, leading organizations worldwide have partnered with Chainalysis to help our mutual clients address some of the most challenging problems facing the crypto ecosystem. Collaborators like Deloitte & Touche LLP and LexisNexis have deep experience in blockchain and Chainalysis products and are helping our joint customers across the private and public sectors address illicit activity and grow consumer access to cryptocurrency safely.

The Chainalysis Partner Program provides engagement models tailored for specific use cases, giving partners more ways to build Chainalysis practices, plus enhanced training and licensing solutions to help partners deliver meaningful business outcomes. 

“The growth of our Partner Program is a significant milestone in our journey to building trust in blockchain of which we could not have reached this point without the support and contribution of our valued partner ecosystem,” says Melissa Larson, Head of Global Ecosystem at Chainalysis. “We believe that collaboration is key to unlocking the potential of blockchain and with this program we look forward to creating and providing innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of our industry.”

Chainalysis Partner Program engagement models

To support our partners’ diverse needs, we’re offering three engagement models designed to maximize customer and partner success with Chainalysis.

Our Solution Providers Program is for boutique and global firms that build unique solutions and services for Chainalysis customers, including advisory, resale, implementation, training, and outsourcing. By joining this program, partners gain access to our cutting-edge technology and empower themselves through training and collaboration paths, helping them deliver even more value to our joint customers.

Our Service Provider Program is ideal for companies that have developed innovative solutions and applications in the crypto space, such as Chainalysis consultants and cybersecurity professionals that are authorized to provide blockchain analytics services to their customers including enhanced due diligence, proof of reserves, threat hunting, and market analysis. Through collaboration, these partners can leverage our expertise and resources to enhance their offerings and reach a wider customer base.

And our Technology Partner Program is tailored for infrastructure providers that use Chainalysis APIs to build out-of-the-box features and solutions for their Chainalysis customers including infrastructure, data platforms, RegTech, and link analysis. By joining forces, we can provide comprehensive solutions to address the complex challenges the crypto industry faces.

“I have known Chainalysis co-founders Michael and Jonathan since they founded the company in 2014 and have watched them scale and expand their products and services,” says Kyle Burgess, Blockchain & Digital Assets Lead, Risk & Financial Advisory at Deloitte & Touche LLP. “Our new alliance with Chainalysis is another demonstration of Deloitte’s investment in its digital asset innovation ecosystem for the benefit of our clients.” 

Chainalysis partner success stories

Together with our customer network and partner ecosystem, we’ve helped millions of people around the world safely engage with crypto. Marc Temple, Global Development Director, Crypto at LexisNexis shares some of the work behind the scenes making that possible.

“The partnership between LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Chainalysis brings together two of the most trusted names in regulatory compliance,” Temple says. “This synergy better enables regulated institutions and public sector organizations to better achieve a truly ‘single-customer view’ of risk, by unifying together identity verification, fraud and AML detection, and on/off ramp transaction monitoring.”

Making the crypto industry safer wouldn’t be possible without education. In collaboration with our partner network, we’ve seen more than 15,000 Chainalysis training certifications around the world.

Today, over 1,000 businesses and organizations are innovating in web3 with Chainalysis and our partner ecosystem has more than 200 leading experts in the solution, service, and technology industries. Together, we’ll continue solving big crypto industry challenges, fueling innovation, and building trust in the blockchain. Join us! Visit our Chainalysis Partner Program portal to learn more and apply.