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Kevin O’Brien named President of Chainalysis Government Solutions

Chainalysis is excited to announce that as of today, Kevin O’Brien will serve as the President of Chainalysis Government Solutions (CGS). CGS is a Chainalysis subsidiary that serves U.S. defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and civilian agencies. 

Kevin joins Chainalysis from Orbital Insight, the geospatial analytics company, where he has been serving as CEO since 2020. Prior to serving as CEO, Kevin was the Chief Operating Officer for three years. Kevin brings with him more than 25 years of global experience in leadership positions at both software and data companies. 

“There is no one better to lead Chainalysis Government Solutions in this next chapter than Kevin,” said Sari Granat, President and Chief Operating Officer of Chainalysis. “Kevin deeply understands how to lead an organization that helps its government partners accomplish their mission. His wealth of experience in the sector, his mission-driven approach to work, and his deep respect across the industry are just a few of the reasons we’re so thrilled to have Kevin at the helm.”

“Chainalysis and CGS have such a strong track record of providing tools and expertise to the US government, and I’m thrilled to lead this team as it continues to scale and expand its impact,” said CGS President Kevin O’Brien. “Over the course of the last few months, I’ve seen firsthand the impact that CGS and the Chainalysis product and data have on the government’s work to fight illicit activity, take down bad actors, and gain an intelligence edge by harnessing what can be found on the blockchain. There has never been a more exciting time for CGS and I look forward to fueling their growth and leading such important work.” 

CGS is home to the world’s foremost experts in cryptocurrency investigations, analysis, advisory, cybersecurity, and data engineering working with United States defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and civilian agencies to disrupt criminal operations, reduce illicit activity, recover funds for victims, and investigate cases.

Government agencies using Chainalysis technology have amassed a number of successful  landmark cases involving terrorism financing campaigns, child abuse material, darknet markets, ransomware gangs, North Korean hacking, Russian money laundering operations, and more. Through these, government agencies have seized billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies used in illicit activity. These successes demonstrate the wide range of consumer protection and national security issues at play and the growing sophistication of government agencies in blockchain analysis.