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Introducing Chainalysis Community for Investigations

Have you ever been stuck on an investigation and wanted to reach out to other investigators, but haven’t known where to turn? With the Chainalysis Community, it’s now easier than ever to engage with cryptocurrency experts worldwide to collaborate on blockchain analyses. 

Our new central hub, available directly from the homepage of Reactor, allows you to view: 

  • The Community Feed: A list of all Community activity, such as attributions, questions, comments, and other notes sorted chronologically.
  • Top Contributors: The biggest contributors to the community ranked by amount of activity.
  • Trending Questions: The most engaging questions ranked by the number of upvotes

You can also stay informed via the Recent Scams page, which lists the newest scam-related entities identified by the community. And on the Ask Community page, you can easily join the conversation by asking questions, viewing replies, and seeing what other members are discussing. 

Additionally, you can collaborate with other Reactor users and submit inquiries to the Chainalysis Investigations team about particular addresses or clusters. You can even ask a public question that displays to all commercial users, identify an entity at the cluster or address level, and submit evidence for potential attribution.

“Community in Chainalysis solutions provides great visibility. Information   compounds, connections build, and overall, we keep providing a better service to our customers.”

George Hale, Senior Compliance Specialist, Easy Crypto

Chainalysis is fostering a community of participants focused on risk management across the cryptocurrency industry. We encourage our users to continue to share intelligence and collaborate with other experts in Reactor. Together, we can build more trust and transparency into cryptocurrency.