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Chainalysis’ First Ever Geography of Cryptocurrency Report is Here

We’re excited to announce that our 2020 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report is here! Click here to download now.

As cryptocurrency continues to gain popularity, everyone from banks to institutional investors to everyday consumers is taking notice and incorporating digital assets into their financial strategy. But patterns of cryptocurrency usage vary widely around the world. This report is one of the first ever attempts to quantify those differences, using blockchain analysis paired with expert interviews to examine regional differences in cryptocurrency adoption and use cases.

Here’s some of what you’ll get when you download the report:

  • Our first ever Global Crypto Adoption Index, which ranks every country by grassroots cryptocurrency adoption
  • Comparisons of regional differences in professional market share, popular coins and services, risk of illicit activity, and more
  • Insights from cryptocurrency operators and experts from across the globe, including leadership from Primitive Ventures, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Paxful!

If you care about cryptocurrency, you won’t want to miss this. You should also check out our upcoming Geography of Cryptocurrency webinar series either, in which the economists behind the report provide further analysis and answer your questions. Part 1 airs live at 11am ET on Thursday September 24th and Part 2 is the same time the next week on Thursday, October 1. Sign up anyway if you can’t make it and we’ll send you the recordings within 48 hours of each session.