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Executive Corner: Anouska Streets joins Chainalysis as V.P. of Engineering

Chainalysis is excited to announce that Anouska Streets has joined the company as the Vice President of Engineering. 

Anouska joins Chainalysis as V.P. of Engineering. With over 20 years of experience across diverse industries such as banking, crypto, government, telecoms, and insurance, Anouska has demonstrated expertise in building high-performing teams and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Her focus on fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration empowers engineers to deliver their best work and explore innovative ideas.  

We sat down with Anouska to learn more about her career and her vision for the team’s future.

Q&A with Anouska

Q: What most excites you about joining Chainalysis?

A:I am thrilled to be joining Chainalysis as VP of Engineering, not only because of the company’s innovative approach to addressing complex challenges in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, but also because I share their belief in the immense potential for good that cryptocurrencies offer the world. I am passionate about fostering wider adoption of digital assets, and I recognise that this can only be achieved through proper compliance and security. Chainalysis is a leader in this space, providing assurance for good actors while making it increasingly difficult for bad actors to engage in illicit activities. By working together with the talented team at Chainalysis, I am excited to contribute to building a more secure and sustainable network for all, ultimately promoting the growth and stability of the digital assets ecosystem.

Q: How do you inspire innovation and collaboration in engineering teams?

A: Inspiring innovation and collaboration within engineering teams begins with fostering a culture that values open communication, creative problem-solving, and mutual respect. As a leader, I encourage team members to share their ideas and insights freely, ensuring that every voice is heard, and diverse perspectives are considered. I also emphasise the importance of continuous learning and professional development, as staying current with industry trends and emerging technologies can fuel creative thinking and inspire new solutions.

Q: What is important to consider when creating solutions for the emerging needs in blockchain technology?

A: Security and scalability are essential – that’s table stakes – but we must also consider interoperability. This aspect is crucial, as it enables solutions to interact and integrate with various systems, promoting collaboration and enhancing user experience. Compliance and regulation play a significant role, given the evolving regulatory landscape, it’s vital to create solutions that adhere to current laws, regulations, and industry best practices while maintaining adaptability for future changes. Most importantly, prioritising user experience is paramount to encourage widespread adoption of blockchain technology. We must develop user-friendly, intuitive, and accessible solutions that cater to a diverse audience, from novices to experienced users.

Q: How would you define your leadership style?

A: I would describe my leadership style as Empowering and Collabatorive. I emphasise the importance of fostering a growth-oriented environment where engineers can excel and do their best work. Open communication, trust and transparency are the foundations for great teams, it’s my job to create that environment and get out of people’s way. 

Q: Who is a leader you admire, and why?

A: I love Ted Lasso! Ted’s leadership style stands out for his unwavering optimism, empathy, and focus on personal growth. He has an innate ability to connect with people, bringing out the best in them, and fostering a positive team culture. By emphasizing trust, open communication, and genuine care for each individual, he inspires loyalty and dedication from his team members. These are all traits I strive for as I build and develop my own teams. 

Q: What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

My family (husband Paul and 16 year old Daughter, Rosie) keep me pretty busy and entertained. I am also a keen cyclist and most weekends I take myself off on long rides in the beautiful (and usually wet!) Welsh countryside. 

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