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Employee Stories: Henry Fletcher, Enterprise Account Executive

Meet Henry Fletcher.  Henry was recently promoted from Sales Development Representative to Account Executive at Chainalysis.  He’s originally from Chicago and has lived as an expat for more than half of his life in the UK. 

We asked Henry a few questions about his background and his recent career shift.

Q&A with Henry

Q: How did you learn about crypto?

A: I first heard about the Bitcoin market in 2013, from a friend.  In 2017, I was working as a bartender and the entire kitchen staff were invested in Bitcoin.  It was the only thing they talked about when I’d popped down to check on food orders.  

I started taking it seriously and found the technology undeniably fascinating.  This started an interest that would eventually lead into a professional career. I got my first job in cryptocurrency in 2019 for a start-up called Coinrule and fell in love with the industry since. After completing my masters dissertation at the University of Edinburgh on privacy coins I applied for a role at the company I heavily cited in my paper; Chainalysis. I have now been at Chainalysis for over a year and the journey has been nothing short of amazing.

Q: With so much change, what has remained constant in the crypto industry since 2013? 

A: Innovation, I’m constantly amazed by how developers and the crypto-community continue to push the boundaries on what is possible.  

Q: Congratulations on your recent promotion! How has your role changed at Chainalysis?

A: In my role as Sales Development Representative, you would have  probably run into me at a conference, in a zoom meeting or in your inbox. SDRs at Chainalysis are given liberty to use our expertise to best engage with a prospect. The role was extremely hands-on and strategy oriented.  

Now, as an Account Executive I see the entire process end-to-end of providing solutions to organizations who want better insight into blockchains.  I still have the opportunity to contribute to the aspects of work I enjoy: problem solving, discovering new use cases for our technology, tailoring dialogue, and most importantly, learning about new projects. 

Q: Walk us through a day-in-the-life, in your new role.

A: First, I have my morning coffee.  Then, I read the crypto-headlines of the day and organize meetings with organizations that have requested demonstrations.  I reach out to organizations in need of compliance, investigation, or market data.  Lunch is with colleagues in the London office and we talk about crypto current trends or upcoming holidays.  We strategize with Marketing about events taking place in the coming months.  At the end of the day I head home and think about my next adventure. 

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

A: Outside of work I love traveling to countries often not frequented by tourists, learning the local customs and fully immersing myself.  On top of that I have a palate for extreme winter sports such as mountaineering and ice climbing. If I’m not doing either of those I’m most likely down a Wikipedia rabbit hole reading about current events or recent history (specifically the events of the Cold War). 

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